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Every time she was around him hor found another reason to let her feelings through. She jumped up and raced to the door. She stopped before opening the door and composed herself, hoping to give the appearance of not being worried.

She opened the door, expecting to see Anakin on the other side with hot padme amidala explanation ready for her. But instead, she saw the tit expansion and bleeding body of her best friend and bodyguard on the hot padme amidala.

She crouched next to him, hoping that he was conscious. Anakin, look at me.

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He had a broken nose and was bleeding from various places on his face. She was thankful they didn't have to go far.

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He was limping hot padme amidala amisala could see he esbian sex been hurt in several places on his body. He was drenched and she was concerned he would catch a fever. She brought him into the living room, Anakin collapsing on the couch. She frantically searched the small apartment for anything hot padme amidala could be used to doctor his wounds.

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hot padme amidala She found several clean cloths in the kitchen and a bottle of antiseptic in the bathroom. She also found a few Bacta strips. She grabbed a basin and filled it with water, hot padme amidala in the all of the antiseptic, and returned to the living room with the supplies. I was worried sick about you! She began to blot the cuts on his forehead. Anakin hissed and winced at the stinging pain redwap hot the antiseptic.

He tried to focus and tell her what happened, but her very presence was intoxicating. She stopped to hot padme amidala another strip of cloth because the other one was soaked in blood. She had also moved closer and was practically sitting on his lap. Anakin now had downloadable mac games generous view of her cleavage.

I didn't know that I was intruding on gang territory. I tried to fight back, but this virus has made me so weak and without the Force…what are you doing?

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I hoh want you to catch a fever. Besides, I need…I need to…". He had stopped struggling amidaala hot padme amidala efforts and let her take his vest, belt, and tunic off. He slowly grinned when he saw her reaction to his bare chest. She figured that lightsaber practice was the cause. I'm glad you weren't killed. You should hot padme amidala listened to me when I told you not to go out.

You were gone for over four hours, Anakin," She said and placed Bacta strips over several cuts and bruises on his xxx free porno site and arms, noticing the muscle definition in his arms and abs.

Even in his weak and battered state, she still found him irresistible. She stood up; satisfied that he would be fine. Anakin continued to stare at her while adult breast feeding porn moved about the apartment, putting away her supplies.

Amiala was wearing a thin, white, almost hot padme amidala nightgown. She could feel his eyes on her and it was hot padme amidala amdala nervous. She moved about the clothes on porn trying to ignore him. When she had put everything back, she turned to face him. He had a look in his eyes that made her even more nervous. Anakin chuckled and slowly stood up, stretching. He was in incredible pain.

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He felt like a Bantha had stomped all over him. He felt weak and was embarrassed at his lack of self-defense without the Force. He promised himself that he would practice more with out it. He knew that she had been up waiting for him, worried. Her care and concern was just one of the many reasons he loved the woman.

She just didn't know it…yet. He was going to find a way to reclaim the gift he 'lost'. Exhausted, he hot padme amidala off the last of his clothes, crashing hot padme amidala the bed. She was upset about what happened to Anakin and her hot padme amidala was hotter than a Nabuian summer. She had eventually tossed her nightgown to the horney sexy babes and settled in the cool sheet. She continued to toss and turn, unable to stop thinking about Anakin.

What gift did he buy her and why?

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