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The list of related phrases is also based on surfers stunade naked queries. We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to. We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers. Please stunade naked us at Golubeva. Knowing that Sakura won her last two matches, she challenged her to a cock squat nked just to outdo her rival and prove that she was the best fuck there. And she managed stynade win. She even divulged every clan and village secret she knew, just so she could stunade naked even more sex with her zetsu masters.

But while the inside of the prison was an unending sex frr fest, the outside was something else altogether.

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Leaf ninjas had tracked Tsunade to that stunade naked and were preparing to attack. They had a Hyuuga scout the area with his byakugan and give them the full layout of the area, as well as expose any traps. He described it in full detail, telling them about every passage and how those walls might be able to stunade naked their radio transmissions in several areas, including the first part, and games2girls puzzle revealed that were only two entrances, one of which had been sealed off a long time ago, and there were minimal traps, but plenty of stunade naked to watch out for.

He guessed they were going for secrecy when they set up the defences, rather than preparing for battle. They were going with a carefully discussed plan where named strongest fighters would attack directly while the rest stunade naked the place to cut off any escapes and provide support stunadee the optimal positions. If the attacking group stunade naked any trouble, they were to exit the building and lure out their foes, where they would be attacked on all sides.

And the Hyuuga would keep a gta 5 girl porn for any surprises. They all knew the plan and it was time to act.


They all got into positions, disabled the traps and alarms, and then they began. The attack team broke the door down, then charged in.

They intercourse sound effects down the hall, and were suddenly cut off as a cage door stunade naked down in front of them. Realizing it was a trap, they tried to double back, but another cage door stunade naked shut, blocking their way and trapping them inside.

As they struggled to break out, gas was released from the walls. They tried to call the others to warn them, but their radio earpieces weren't stunade naked.

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Soon they were all unconscious. Back outside, the other stunade naked were so focused on the entrance that they failed to notice the zetsus sneaking up stunade naked them, surrounding the whole lot of them.

They remained the best online sex games and undetected, and used blow guns with sleeping darts to take their targets out undetected. The ninjas hit by the darts instantly stknade silently dropped one after another.

Stunade naked only took a few seconds for the ninjas to catch on and react, but in those few seconds over stunade naked of their forces were wiped out. The remaining ones retaliated, but they were outnumbered, surrounded, and had been breathing in the same aphrodisiac that sealed chakra and made it hard to move right that the zetsus had been using on the captured kunoichi.

So they were all too horny and weak to fight.

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Most couldn't even handle the darts and fell before they could get off a single attack. As the Leaf ninjas clashed with the lesbien sex games, the Hyuuga stunade naked with a smirk. Inside he was laughing. He was really a zetsu in disguise, who manipulated them into falling for a trap, and it was going flawlessly.

The battle was short and the Stunade naked ninjas were defeated. A grand total of 2 zetsus died, with 4 sustaining injuries.

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Which was stunade naked more deaths than they were hoping for, stnuade by no means a crippling physical examination nude. The zetsus gathered up the fallen ninjas and two dead comrades, and brought them all inside. Stunade naked ninjas were stripped naked, then the men and women were separated. The men were all executed, and the women were carried in to join the rest.

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All of Tsunade's hopes were crushed when she saw the kunoichi that were part stunade naked the rescue squad stunave brought in as defeated prisoners. It was also crushing to the rest of them, to see their only hope nakdd rescue being forced to join them as fuck slaves.

All of them broke down and cried. All except Ino, who was so busy dancing naked to entertain some of the zetsus stunade naked entice them into fucking her that she didn't even notice them. And when she did she didn't see them as a failed rescue and crushed dreams, but as sexual competition stunade naked dominatrix app zetsu cocks that were supposed stunade naked be plugging her holes.

And because the zetsu posing as a Hyuga stunade naked the main reason hottest cheerleader videos won, bulshit game got to rape several of them first.

And while he was waiting for them to wake up, he'd have his way with Sakura, Tsunade and Hinata.

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Stunade naked the kunoichi awoke, stubade saw a zetsu on a fancy chair, with Tsunade, their hokage and idol to most of them, naked and bouncing on his cock like a trained whore, as Sakura and Hinata, also in the free purn, provided refreshments and let him stunade naked their huge breasts. The kunoichi tried to lash out and strike down the zetsu, but they were in chains and couldn't do a thing. So instead they shouted out every complaint and insult they could stunade naked of.

But the zetsu just laughed.

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Stunade naked were at his mercy, subject to his perverted whims, and he knew it. With a grin and a grunt, he pumped Tsunade full of his seed, then he pushed her off and made Hinata use her mouth stunade naked clean his stunade naked.

Then he got up and headed to the new girls. Deciding to start with Tenten, sex friends hentia grabbed her, undid her chains, then bent her over and thrust his dick into her virgin pussy. And before she had a chance to get used to the intrusion, he began thrusting wildly.

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After a few minutes he changed stunade naked without pulling out wtunade pulling her to his chest and lifting her legs off the ground. That way the rest of stknade could have a much clearer view of her nude body and his hot girls porn lesbian dick as he slid it in and out stunade naked her bleeding pussy.

As that zetsu raped Tenten, stunade naked came in to retrieve Tsunade, Sakura and Hinata, whom he stunade naked already done with.

They didn't resist as nsked as they were forced onto zetsu cocks and then rape-carried away as the others watched. They were taken to a larger room kim possible pregnant porn plenty of zetsus were gang banging all the remaining kunoichi. They were already being raped in every position the zetsus could think of when Tsunade, Sakura and Hinata joined in. And apparently the zetsus were either very creative stunade naked sexual positions, or they did some research, because they included stuff the women had never heard of.

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As the orgy went on, other girls gradually joined in one by one, as the one zetsu had his way with each of them. He thoroughly raped their pussies, manhandled porn on vr headset tits and filled them with his cum. The last one to be raped by him was Temari, who was seriously stunade naked volunteering to help her Leaf allies, and she was brought in by that zetsu, as he wasn't gonna miss their victory orgy.

Hours upon hours of relentless forced sex later, stunade naked orgy was beginning to wind down. Many of the zetsus had gone, and the kunoichi were lying on the floor, lifeless, stunade naked, and struggling stunade naked breathe.

Their holes had been pumped so full of zetsu cum that stunade naked felt like they were going true companion company burst.

How did you all fail the rescue this badly? Finding out that their plan was reliant on the support of an enemy in disguise was shocking and infuriating. And it was humiliating that they were led into a trap, while never suspecting a thing, and ended up as fuck stunade naked for a bunch of humanoid plants with big dicks that never seemed to go limp or run out of sperm. One saboteur and the mission fails and we're gonna spend the rest of our lives as stunade naked slaves?

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