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Feb 25, - For one thing, “Talking Angela” is an iOS app – not a website . If you can just put it on adult mode and listen to what she says! It appears normal at first, you know, until it starts talking about “no-clothes games that I play with Tom” and asking It also asked a lot of personal questions about my sex life.

Though the Talkibg Angela app hoax has been exposed for days, the belief that Talking Angela endangers children is still spreading, causing the developer behind the app to speak out.

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The hoax consisted mostly of messages posted on Facebook stating that the Talking Angela app takes pictures eriotic children without their knowledge and records private information about them, in theory to advance a pedophilic agenda.

The messages were written in the voice of a concerned parent, urging others to delete the app from talking tom and angela having sex smart phones.

Dec 9, - My Talking Tom: Explicit sex ads 'irresponsibly placed' in UK porn laws a year on: A porn actress and dominatrix on destroyed bus.

Other messages are ssx sinister, suggesting that the app is a front for pedophiles to gain access to children. Shake the device and the ground will shake.

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Press the "Gift" button! Just type in "quiz", "give me a quiz" or "play quiz"! Type "tell me a joke".

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It's as easy as that. Fixed in-app purchase bug. Talking Tom is refreshed and looking better than ever!

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Laugh even louder with the improved talk animations. Turn on Child Mode for kids to have unlimited fun.

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Bug fixes YouTube, Facebook and minor gameplay improvements. You gaving now watch the brand new Talking Tom and Friends show from the comfort of your app! Do You think You can just hack Angela and get away with it!!!! You sick twisted adult sex tv

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Look around and see how many dumb people actually fell for this rumor. Heh, I had it too, I actually had it for over a year.

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It was just a rumor to scare the crap out of people And probably to test how dumb and gullible people areand apparently it worked xD. Actually, it worked a bit. Some people are just too smart to havnig everything they see on the Internet.

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And a quick tip for everyone: I agree, but I bet a lot of people just believe everything they hom on the Internet. People are SO dumb now!

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They look at the Internet, see something, and believe it instantly. And I am perfectly fine. It actually sucks to be scared of a rumor.

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Look at your self! Damn people are so dumb nowadays. WHY would the creaters of Talking Angela pay so specific attention as talking tom and angela having sex add in a reflection in her eye? I deleted it the first 4 hours that I got it after reading the sim girl lovemore on amazon app store for talking Angela. Its not sngela its a hacker look tim the pic closely youl see a living room in both eyes ok surfnet.

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Thats just my opinion…. She was braiding her hair. So we did and we saw a man starig at us, close to the camera blinking. I have no proof because we were speechless and too scared to go on Talking Angela so yeah… I think thats proof.

Talking Angela iPhone app scare spreads on Facebook

I have no proof because we were speechless and too scared to go on Talking Angela so yeah… I think thats proof enough. I have no proof because we were speechless and too scared to go on Talking Angela so get your facts straight people. You are talking tom and angela having sex 2.

Get your facts straight 3. Katy stop lying I asked the same question to her but kinkysdolls changed the subject your make over millions of children scared about it. Angela is in Paris, right?

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So what fred porn sites see in her eyes is a view from a street of Paris where she is hanging with you. Yes there is a man behind Talking Angela. He was asking my 19 year old son how come he slept with his dog all the time.

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Secondly how did he knew my son had a puppy qhen they never talkes about no dog. I was there next to my son qhen that man was asking him all these weird talking he also asked my son if my son liked to play with little kids my xngela rwplied no and he told talking tom and angela having sex son its so fun stalking little kids and my son got so scares and he uninstalled the app as soon as possible sexy cc still people dont beleive this….

My friends and I talking tom and angela having sex to write persuasive essays and pick a topic. We all chose to do this and send a copy to Apple man love dolls so they can contact the app creator and tell them to take the app down both Apple and Android. Now, if an adult believes this crap, then you have a point.

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Proof and evidence are not precisely the same thing. There is a slight difference.

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Proof is confirmation, evidence is support. Example, if someone commits a crime and leaves their fingerprints on something, that is evidence that someone was present at the scene of the crime.

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Throw it at your teen and run away maniacal laughter optional. Guys talk about sex, sometimes more than they should.

Feb 18, - There's been a hoax making its way around Facebook for the second time, claiming that the iOS app Talking Angela is asking your child.

Sex for Guys is a book for all topics, and all questions. With frank and honest information, this book manages to provide information for the inquisitive mind without lecturing.

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Get the Official GeekDad Books! Rory is a gender-queer stepparent to two awesome geeklings. He works as an angelaa for court transcripts and also writes for mental health awareness at Terminally Intelligent.

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Thanks for taking the time to review all the options. What a great list!

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The Peter Mayle books have really held up. Robie Harris now has a preschooler book called Who Has What that is a good starting point. Modern Takes on Classic Creepy Talkiing.