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Sex games - Passionate Moments: Teacher's Pet (3D category) - Have you ever This adult sex game will take you back to your school days and give you an.

pets game teachers

While running game code: As a matter of fact, I did. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for: Subtle Influence — Version 0.

pets game teachers

So, you can only have sex with your wife so far? How do you play with her pussy while she is asleep?

game teachers pets

Idk I am not the creator. I hope he will fix it. Any chance of the walkthrough and cheat?

Teacher’s Pets - Version Adult Game Download

When starting a newgrounds adukt game, it asks for your Credit Card Number; Type this in: Has anyone made progress with anyone, or do you just keep seeing the same scenes over teachers pets game over?

Anyone get anywhere with the other teacher, Anne? Or just missing something?

pets game teachers

I keep losing one depravity point per day. Have done all 13 apart from 13 but I kind of want the teachers pets game as a reference. Anyone got a list or at prts know what 2 and 13 are?

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Here's his patreon BTW: Do you know how to unlock that? I got to the porm game scene while watching the movie and midway through the massage she said "Dad! Give me some room! How do you get 27? I've tried teachers pets game lot of things and don't seem to get it.

game teachers pets

There are a lot of bulling classmates, adding bulling teachers doesn't sound like the best idea. You can't teach me manners.

You're not my mom.

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Why won't you just let it go? Maybe I could just promise I'll be more studious and we'll end this?

pets game teachers

I'm… Teachdrs was drawing you during class everyday. Why should I do that again, now? I'm not sure that I can just do that properly.

game teachers pets

Okay… But still, I'm not sure this is a good idea. It's unnatural… And you just… This playforceonecom a really weird idea.

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Teacher’s Pets v2.06.1

I'm liking the entire package you've got here. Nailed all the big draws for me. Posted May 23, Definitely interesting if you can impregnate your daughter. G-gee onii-san, how l-lewd!

game teachers pets

pokemon uncensored version download Posted May 24, Posted May 25, Posted May teachers pets game, Posted May 27, Posted May 28, Posted June teacherrs, While the older version is still available for free I would recommend waiting until the 12th for the new version as I feel it is a much better experience.

I'd advise those who had a problem with the art before to give it another look as much teacjers it has been greatly improved, example attached. Posted June 11, Teachers pets game June 12, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

game teachers pets

Win Mac Linux It's a pity that developers don't attend their own threads I'm digging the game so far. Does anyone know how far you can progress with the ladies gamf this build?

Passionate Moments: Teacher's Pet

I've slept with the teacher and the wife, the daughter has let touch the butt, and one girl at school her boobs. Teachers pets game other two students have just been dreams so far.

game teachers pets

I didn't do the college tour, but I've done the prinical. Not sure how to get the tour to prompt. I may just wait for the next update to mess with it more.

pets game teachers

I'd like to be able to lock out incest, teacgers a toggle or something teachers pets game the options. It'd be nice if there were more available interactions with your wife besides "raging boner" and "spike coffee".

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You know, ask about her day, be a decent person to her.